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Any choice has a hidden cost in the consequences that we will bring upon ourselves by making it. However, we are uncapable of ever knowing ahead of time about our destiny, as everything we have and everything we know is always in the now. We are forced to take these actions blindly and some would say it's unfair and miserable, but we would say: That's the joy of the Ride.

So, have you ever heard of the Trolley Problem? Do you know the price of the choices you make? How far are you ready to go to act according to your values? Will you sacrifice a life of the other to hold the moral highground?


  • Petrushkov Mikhail - Programmer
  • Grigoriev Konstantin - Game-design, sound & video
  • Kalmykova Ekaterina - Game-design
  • Avdeev Oleg - Game-design,  programmer
  • Yustovich Ksenia - Art

The game was made for Gr8ArtGames.




Choo-Сhoose(х86)- A-maze version 28 MB
Choo-choose v2 - x64 27 MB
Choo-choose v2 - x86 25 MB
Choo-choose v2 - mac (Latest version) 30 MB
Choo-Choose 33 MB
Choo-Choose(x64) 30 MB
Choo-choose Demo - x86.zip 24 MB


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well i hope you happy i had to make touch choices but hey the hype train doesnt stop no matter what lol , thanks for making this  

Whoever you are, I hope you're happy with yourself.

Some tough decisions, some funny decisions, some easy decisions, plenty of decisions!  This was a fun little take on the trolley problem :)

NO ONE IS SAFE ! | Choo-Choose Full Gameplay Walkthrough

It was a pleasure to watch you play!